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RentMyWindow is a unique project that allows you to help improving connectivity in Brussels while earning money from that in an efficient and sustainable way.

How is it possible? Simply rent the surface of your window for a plug-and-play external connectivity solution via our platform, and start making passive income without any extra involvement.

The driving force behind the RentMyWindow project is Pulsaart by AGC, the startup that combines the global AGC Group's time-honored mastery in glass manufacturing with a long-standing expertise in connectivity solutions. It’s a fusion, aiming not just to connect, but to redefine the way we envision connectivity.

Inspired by AGC Group's "Look Beyond" vision, Pulsaart by AGC launched the RentMyWindow project. This initiative aims to turn ordinary windows into sources of passive income, inviting every Brussels resident to interact with their city in a new and financially beneficial way. With RentMyWindow, Pulsaart by AGC is not merely transforming windows, but reshaping urban life, one window at a time.

4 Easy Steps

to Start Earning Money


Fill in the form
on our website


Our specialists will install the modules on your windows


Be selected
based on your windows location


Make money by simply renting
a place on your window's surface

  • What technology is used and is it safe?
    We use a certified technology similar to a Wi-Fi hotspot but for 5G outdoor coverage. You can learn more and see pictures of the setup on The solution will be placed on your window and connected to a fiber cable and power source. The rewards for renting your window surface will include the coverage of power costs. The setup is as safe as a regular Wi-Fi router and meets all EU and local safety standards regarding electromagnetic fields.
  • Are there any specs for windows?
    Yes, the window must be fully fixed, as the window you offer for rental must not be opened and moved for the duration of the lease.
  • Will this solution spoil the view through my window?
    Our R&D team has made every effort to make this connectivity solution as transparent as possible. Although our solution is not 100% transparent, it was designed to always look good on your window. Besides that, the solution will be applied in the top part of the window, lowering the possible spoilage.
  • How quickly will the solution be applied to my window?
    Usually, the application takes several hours to a day depending on the specifics of each window.
  • How often will I receive payment?
    As standard we offer monthly bank payments for the rent. However, the window owner is able to choose an alternative and invest that money directly into our other services, including changing the glass in their windows to more modern and durable.
  • Has the project started yet?
    Currently, RentMyWindow is in a test phase only in the Brussels Capital region. By signing up for the form below, you are getting on the waitlist for early access to the platform. We plan to fully launch the project in the first half of 2024.
  • I have joined the waitlist. What happens next?
    Once you fill out your details, we will send you an e-mail to confirm that we got your information. Please check your ‘Spam’ folder if you do not see it. When our testing phase ends, we will send you a special invite to join RentMyWindow among the first users. This gives you a better chance to be visible to our connectivity partners, who are willing to install a solution in your location. Getting the antenna installed will need an agreement from both you and the connectivity partner. There will be an official contract that will define the responsibilities of all parties and state the benefits that you will receive for the window surface rent.

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Monetize your
windows surface

Generate passive income by renting your windows surfaces

Make Brussels
better connected

Take your chance to participate in the city's connectivity improvement

in the unique project

Join the community
of first adapters
in Europe

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By clicking the "Submit" button, you accept to be contacted via email regarding the RentMyWindow project and be available to voluntarily participate in surveys for the service improvement. You will not be added to any other contact database from Pulsaart by AGC and contacted regarding any other company's service or product.

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